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Founded in 1988, Techzam International's mission is to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

The people at Techzam have the creativity, technical excellence, tenacity, and can-do spirit to help our clients solve their business problems. Around the world, corporate offices, communication providers, commercial market leaders, education, government, health institutions, and end-users rely on Techzam International. We help them apply information technology to  streamline operations and achieve new levels of competitiveness and success. We understand that long-term success is about more than delivering technology.

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Financial Entities

When it comes to purchasing complete equipment, banks trust us on delivering quality product.

Service Providers

With the industry fast pace, the fast delivery of repairs, modules and spares are a key. We provide a large inventory worldwide.

Repair Centers

Technology gets obsolete and our customers trust us in collaborating to achieve edge solutions.

Our service is of high quality, friendly, and professional with a level of support that is unrivalled.  This has led us to extend our operations to Mexico through our subsidiary CompuServices of Mexico, based in Mexico City.

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3 Ways We Reduce Carbon Emissions:

Remember the Three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle.  It´s our core business, to recycle ATM machines.

Reduce Plastic Waste: less disposable plastics

Measure carbon footprint:  employees are encouraged to measure their carbon footprint through this app carbonfootprint.  Techzam rewards the employee who shows the biggest improvement in a month.

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1.Techzam follows California Waste Management Policy for sustainability

2.Techzam implemented a wide range of customized solutions that adapt to our needs.

3.Techzam follows a roadmap for operational efficiencies that deliver measurable and lasting results.

Our People

Reconditioning ATM machines help the environment in several ways:

Reducing waste by not adding old metal and concrete to the landfill.

Saving precious metals like iron, copper, zinc, silver, and gold.

Reusing and maintaining the machinery of an ATM provides jobs.

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